Location of The Place Your Want To Review

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Madre de Dios, Peru

Type of Animals Involved

birds, insects, reptiles, mammals – all Amazon wildlife

Extent of Contact

All contact was minimal as creatures were wild in their natural environment.

Overall Impression / Feedback

Reserva Amazonica is an eco lodge in the Peruvian part of the Amazon jungle. Albeit luxury (and not cheap!) it’s a great way to experience the Amazon and all its many forms of wildlife, the many millions of insects, immense varieties of birds, monkeys, caimens, sloths, snakes. As soon as you arrive it feels like the air is vibrating with the beat of the wings or the hearts of the diversity of nature. As its a truly wild environment you are taken on walks, kayak trips with knowledable local guides who tell you all about the wildlife, birds, trees and plants you come across and ensure your safety. The only interaction I saw with any creatures was the guide removing a tarantula which was done with care and respect. Its strictly look dont touch. Everything is eco friendly including bathroom products and they work with local communities and are involed in conservation and scientific research too, I was lucky to have a renowned entomologist visiting for research at the same who shared his knowledge of insects we came across in a night walk in the ‘jungle’.

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