Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary – Ol Pejeta, Nanyuki, Kenya
Types of Animals Involved
Extent of Contact
There is no contact with the Chimps, the animals are all housed together in a large enclosure.
Unnatural Behaviour
The animals are observed by visitors and they just behave as they wish.
Overall Impression
Jane Goodall set up a Chimp sanctuary in Burundi, but as the political situation declined the facility was moved to Ol Pejeta in Kenya. So the animals are not native to Kenya but need to be removed from Burundi. They have a really big enclosure that you get to walk around and observe them. Some times they come to the fence and sometimes they don’t, it’s really up to them. They do get fed by the rangers which visitors can observe, so this is a good way to see them. We learnt all about the history of the animals, most are victims of the illegal wildlife trade. It’s really sad to see them here but I do believe it’s the best alternative for them. The keepers and rangers genuinely care for them and they are well looked after.

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